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Items are normally sent for delivery within 24 hours directly to the address you provided when ordering in cooperation with a logistics partners. Rehband only send orders during weekdays.

Shipping costs
Rehband charges £3.95 including VAT per delivery regardless of order value.

We do normally send an order within 24 hours from the time it is received provided that the product is in stock. If the order includes products that are out of stock, the delivery time may be longer than normal. In that case, the order is delivered only when all products are in stock.

Deliveries in collaboration with UPS
Rehband currently offer one shipping option and the shipment will normally be shipped to the Customer within 1-3 workdays from the date on which the order was sent from Rehband’s stock. The Customer will be notified when the package is ready for collection at your agent if it could not be distributed in your mailbox. Shipped packages must be picked up within 14 days from the notification date. Non-retrieved packages are returned to Rehband and the Customer will be charged a recovery fee of £12.50 including VAT.

Delivery delay
If a delay in delivery occurs, the Customer has the right to terminate the Agreement at no charge.

Transport Risk
The risk of shipment transfers to the Customer once the package has been delivered to the Customer. This means that Rehband carries risk of shipment until the package reaches its final destination.