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§1. General

These Terms and Conditions are designed for and apply to the purchase of products ("Products") from ("Rehband") via the Internet (mail order). Rehband is the selling party and you ("Customer") are the buying party. The conditions are suitable for sale to private individuals aged 18 or over resident in UK, with delivery within UK. With us, the customer can easily make an order at Note that Rehband cannot meet orders to persons less than 18 years.

If any clauses in these conditions deviate from mandatory legislation such clauses are of no legal effect to the extent that the incident is not for the benefit of the Customer. This only applies if the Customer is a private person and that the purchase relates to private consumption.

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§2. Order

At Rehband the Customer orders products easily and conveniently. We offer secure payment options and security of supply. Rehband receive your order when you click on the button "Complete Order" at checkout. When Rehband has received an order the Customer will receive an e-mail message "Order Confirmation" sent to the email address provided when the order is placed. We also give the Customer the opportunity to make a quick order by our guest checkout without having to log in to

A binding contract of purchase ("Agreement") in regard to the product occurs when we send the email "Order Confirmation" to you. These Terms and Conditions form part of any such Agreement.

Shop safely in Rehbands’ e-shop

As a Customer you can return your product within 14 days after it is received and get it fully repaid

Rehband is unable to change the order after the Customer has received an order confirmation as we process your order promptly to give best possible service.

For more information about how visitors are using and acting on, see our FAQs.

Rehbands forwarder sends packages for UK customers to the relevant address. If they are unable to deliver to the address, the Customer will get a notice that inform where the package can be collected.

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§3. Prices and fees

Prices are quoted in British Pounds (GBP) including, value added tax (VAT) according to current taxation levels. VAT for products subject to VAT is currently levied at 25%.

Fee for a non-retrieved item

If the Customer does not collect an order in the manner agreed, we will invoice a fee of £12,50 including VAT. The fee is necessary for us to cover shipping and handling costs incurred. Note that if the Customer does not accept or collect an item does not count as you have stated that you regret the purchase. For more information, see §8. Right of withdrawal and buyback.

Amended disposal

As the order might be packed directly after an order is placed it is not possible to change a confirmed order.


Offers and promotions that are advertised on are valid while supplies last, unless other terms are recognized in connection with the offer.

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§4. Products and assortments

All products offered on are adapted for use in the UK market. This means that the products meet relevant standards in the UK, including environmental and safety regulations. Normally, products are supplied with care and operating instructions in English.

Colour reproduction on product images

The product images shown on shall render the product color and other characteristics in the most realistic manner possible. Because color can vary depending on the type of monitor the Customer uses, we cannot guarantee that the products' colours accurately reflect the colours viewed on screen.

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§5. Payment

PayPal Payment Processing

Rehband uses PayPal for all credit and debit card processing, which is one of the most secure online payment services available on the market.

Customers can choose to pay using funds from a PayPal balance or via a debit or credit card associated with a PayPal account. When PayPal is selected, the Customer will be redirected to PayPal. If already a PayPal customer, the Customer can login to their account and confirm the payment. If a new PayPal user, the Customer can login as a guest or set up a PayPal account. To read more about the terms and conditions for PayPal please click here.

All purchases are linked to PayPal's secure payment server, which means that the information only goes to PayPal and is not stored by Rehband. The payment is directly recorded and the money reserved from the PayPal account. Payment via PayPal is free of charge. Once we have received payment, the order is sent. Additional information about PayPal’s payment system can be found on the PayPal website.

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§6. Compliance

Rehband begins the fulfilment of the Agreement when the Customer receives the email "Order Confirmation". Rehband has fulfilled its part of the Agreement when the Customer receives complete delivery of the ordered products. The customer has fulfilled their part of the Agreement when the proper payment is made and receipt of delivery of ordered products occurs in the manner agreed.

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§7. Delivery

Items are normally sent for delivery within 24 hours directly to the address you provided when ordering in cooperation with a logistics partners. Rehband only send orders during weekdays.

Shipping costs

Rehband charges £3.95 including VAT per delivery regardless of order value.


We do normally send an order within 24 hours from the time it is received provided that the product is in stock. If the order includes products that are out of stock, the delivery time may be longer than normal. In that case, the order is delivered only when all products are in stock.

Deliveries in collaboration with UPS and DHL

Rehband currently offer one shipping option and the shipment will normally be shipped to the Customer within 3-5 workdays from the date on which the order was sent from Rehband’s stock. The Customer will be notified when the package is ready for collection at your agent if it could not be distributed in your mailbox. Shipped packages must be picked up within 14 days from the notification date. Non-retrieved packages are returned to Rehband and the Customer will be charged a recovery fee of 12.50 GBP including VAT.

Delivery delay

If a delay in delivery occurs, the Customer has the right to terminate the Agreement at no charge.

Transport Risk

The risk of shipment transfers to the Customer once the package has been delivered to the Customer. This means that Rehband carries risk of shipment until the package reaches its final destination.

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§ 8. Right of Withdrawal and Substitution

Right of withdrawal

The customer who enters into this Agreement as a private person hav the right to withdraw from the contract, i.e. cancel it, in accordance with the relevant legislation on “Distance Selling”. The right to withdraw does not apply to parties who enter into Agreement as traders. The right applies for a period of 14 days (withdrawal period) from the date the Customer has received the shipment. The right of withdrawal only applies for products that the order includes and that are returned their original condition. This means that the Customer does not use the products to a greater extent than necessary in order to be able to examine them. Under existing law, the Customer, may return all the products that the order includes to Rehband and the Customer must bear the costs of return shipping. Rehband always has the right to offer its customers more generous terms than the current legislation prescribes.

When returned products are received Rehband will repay what you have paid within 14 days. Would you as a customer return fewer products than the order includes you will only be refunded the commodity value of the products returned.


At the moment we do not offer a straight forward substitution of the product(s). Thus if, for example, the Customer bought the wrong size and wishes to change this, the incorrect product first needs to be returned , and then the Customer cab place a new order.

Please see the page Return & Warranty claims for information on the return procedure when returning the items.

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§9. Complaints and Warranty


If the Customer has purchased a product as a private person, they have the right to return the product if it is incorrect according to consumer law. The warranty covers manufacturing errors and is valid for three (3) years from the date the product is received. The warranty covers product defects arising during transportation (see Complaints about transport damage below). A product that differs from what has been agreed between the Customer and Rehband, or other defects may also be considered incorrect. Errors caused by damage by the Customer (normal wear and tear of the product) are not a manufacturing error and will therefore not be within the scope of a warranty claim.

If a complaint about a faulty product takes place more than six months from the date the Customer received the product, there is an additional responsibility to demonstrate that the defect in the product was there from the beginning. Thus Rehband always recommends to its Customer that they examine the products when received and if any errors are detected, that these are reported as soon as they are discovered. Upon a valid complaint, the Customer has the primary right to rectify the fault, or to receive a flawless product. In some cases, there may be a right to cancel the contract and recover what has been paid. For approved complaints, the Customer should not be held accountable for any costs incurred due to the complaint. As an example, the costs for returning a defective product shall be covered by Rehband. However, in all cases where a product proves to be defective, the Customer should, as far as possible, keep any costs incurred to a bare minimum.

Return Claims Case

To return defective products please see the page Return & Warranty claims for information on the return procedure. Make sure to have the order number included in the information to Rehband to make the process as smooth as possible.

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§10. Returns

When making returns to Rehband, the products must be packaged in such a way that they are protected during transport. Rehband therefore requires that the Customer always package the product in the same manner and with the same packaging as when the products were delivered in the first place. In cases where the Customer has inadequately wrapped or packaged products, and the product is damaged during transport as a result, it is the Customer who is responsible for the damage and associated costs, and not Rehband.

Upon return of products to Rehband, the Customer is responsible that the products reach Rehband undamaged.

Return Instructions

Please see the page Return & Warranty claims for information on the return procedure.


The Customer bears the costs of returning the product(s). The cost is 6£. This cost will be redrawn from the total refund for the returned product(s), in the event a refund occurs. Costs may be higher for returns carried out other than in the manner described above. This fee does not apply for warranty returns.


We will refund the money within 14 days from the day Rehband received the returned package as regards the use of the right of withdrawal, or if the repayment has been decided in a complaint case.

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§11. Reservation

Rescission Disclaimers

Rehband reserves the right to terminate the Agreement in the event the Customer has acted in bad faith, such as because of errors that the Customer knew or should have known, including misrepresentation of price or quantity at In the event Rehband invokes such a rescission disclaimer, the Customer has no right to compensation from Rehband.

Change Reservation

Rehband reserves the right, without notice to modify the content of, which include, but are not limited to, supply, prices and promotions. Such a change does not affect existing contracts between Rehband and customer.

Liability Disclaimers

Rehband shall be deemed as released from any obligations under the Agreement with the Customer if liability would otherwise have arisen due to an event beyond the Agreement, Rehband’s function or as otherwise provided by mandatory law.

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§12. Disclaimer


Rehband is relieved from liability arising under the Agreement with the Customer for a failure to perform any of its obligations due to any circumstance beyond its immediate control, which impedes, delays, or aggravates any obligation to be fulfilled by Rehband, such as changes in laws and regulations or in the interpretation thereof, acts of authorities, war, acts of war, labour disputes, blockades, major accidents and currency restrictions. Rehband shall also be relieved from all liabilities in the case of a labour dispute in which Rehband is a party.

External Links

Rehband is not responsible for any losses or problems with the Customer’s software or hardware arising out of the Customer’s use of external links that are published on

Reservation for price fluctuations or other trade barriers

In case of price fluctuations or other trade barriers, such as lack of raw materials or necessary components, which Rehband cannot reasonably be held responsible for under the Agreement, Rehband has right to terminate the Agreement. In such an event, the Customer has no right to compensation from Rehband.

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§13. Privacy and confidentiality

Rehband respects the privacy of those who carry out purchases at the Rehband website and it follows all laws and regulations which exist to protect individual privacy. Personal information that is provide when accessing the website, including making a purchase of a product, are treated by Rehband in strict confidentiality and Rehband is responsible for any such personal information. By entering into an Agreement with Rehband and thus register as a Customer, the Customer gives their consent to Rehband to process personal data and use the information as described below.

The information given by and as a Customer, such as contact details and other personal information will not be used otherwise than dealing with the purchase, in order to contact the Customer on account of the purchase and give access to certain information and services. Personal information may be disclosed to other companies approved by Rehband to the fulfilment of the Agreement and the necessary treatment on behalf of Rehband.

The information recorded on the website will be used for statistical processing of Rehband. Statistics are produced solely to improve the site’s features for visitors and potential customers.

Personal information will not be stored for longer than is necessary for the purposes of treatment, to prevent misuse of the site and for Rehband to fulfil its obligations under all relevant laws.

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§14. Other


Rehband routinely reports to the police all cases involving fraud and attempted fraud.

The discrepancies between the different versions of written material

If there are differences between different versions of written material, the details that have been published most recently at the point will be deemed to prevail. It does not apply to information that is clearly false or misleading in a comparison between the different versions.

Intellectual property, logos and trademarks

All material published on, including software, logos, audio files, trademarks and text and images, are protected as intellectual property under the relevant laws and regulations. This protection means that the material may not be lawfully used without Rehband’s permission. Material may not be copied or otherwise transferred to third parties without Rehband’s prior written consent.

Purposes of information

All information at, regardless of format, is published solely for informational purposes in order for visitors to be able to use the website effectively. Rehband shall have no liability for any consequences or losses that may occur if this information proves inaccurate or is used for any purpose other than the above.


Disputes between Rehband and the Customer will be resolved in the courts as required by law. In the event that a case is brought before the Consumer Complaints Board, Rehband will follow the Board’s decision.


Upon complaint, the Customer may contact us on weekdays between 10am and 4pm CET on +45 702 23 274, or fill in the claims form.

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