Muscular Pain in Neck & Shoulders

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Muscular pain in neck and shoulders is common among e.g. office workers, industrial workers and hairdressers where one-sided static working movements are being performed. It is also common in precision sports e.g. shooting.

Possible causes

• Weak and/or short muscles in neck and shoulders.
• Poor posture / working position.
• Reduced ROM in the thoracic spine.
• Stress, anxiety.


• Pain, soreness and aches in neck and shoulders.
• Stiffness when moving your head.
• Head ache may occur.


• Avoid static working movement.
• Repeat micro pauses during the day.
• Adjust working place and equipment.
• Train weak muscles.
• Stretching tight muscles.
• ROM training for the thoracic spine.
• Correction of posture.

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