Mattie Rogers


We recently caught up with Rehband athlete, USA National Champion Olympic Weightlifter Mattie Rogers, and learned what is going on in her world right now. Learn more about her busy year with an engagement, preparing for the Olympic qualification events, plus some insider info into Mattie’s training.

Personal Life

We saw you got engaged. How did you and your fiancé first meet?

We met at a Seven Lions concert, where he was one of the opening acts. I fell in love with him immediately and just waited for him to eventually come around and decide I was okay too.

What are you most excited about now that you are engaged?

Nothing has really changed, neither of us are big wedding and family people. We are looking forward to our very private and intimate elopement in Iceland next year and just spending the rest of our lives together!

Favourite TV shows or movies?

A guilty pleasure is definitely 90 day Fiancé. Other than that, my favorite movies are Midsommar, Interstellar, Arrival, and Annihilation.

What are your biggest pet peeves?


What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

I don’t really have any Christmas traditions, but my mom still makes me a stocking filled with all the life necessities: soap, toothpaste, shampoo, gas gift cards, and new socks… That’s by far my favorite gift each year.


What are your strengths/weaknesses as an athlete?

I think one of my biggest strengths as an athlete is being able to adapt on the fly. Sometimes things just do not go your way– you can either be crushed by that or come up with a new game plan and be able to focus on that new path. One of my weaknesses is letting a bad training day stress me out. It’s one day, and I know the next day will be a new opportunity to get better, but I find it difficult to accept a bad day.

What would you tell someone that has never weightlifted, but wants to try it?

Find a GOOD coach (certified, experience, etc.) and go for it! There’s no shame in trying and not knowing what to do right away. A good coach will teach you how to do everything safely and properly. After that, it’s just being very, very patient with your abilities.

What is the next step on the road to Tokyo?

Keep improving, stay healthy, keep attending the Olympic qualification events, and keep focusing on myself! There is a lot of time left before everything is said and done, so I just want to be at my healthiest and strongest when that time comes.


What knee sleeves are your personal choice? What movements do you find them most beneficial for?

I use the 7mm knee sleeves for all cleans and squats.

Why Rehband?

Rehband has been the ONLY brand knee sleeves I have ever worn. I have never worn through a pair and they do exactly what they are meant to do. No extra fancy stuff, just a high quality sleeve that fits, stays put and gives me support when and where I need it.

In general, what’s important for you when you shop training stuff?

Quality is definitely the most important. If the price point is slightly higher, but the quality is better, ALWAYS go with the better quality. It will last longer and therefore end up saving you money anyway. It’s truly an investment in yourself.

How do you plan your outfits? Spend a lot of time?

I spend almost ZERO time planning my outfits. Whatever is clean and comfortable is what I pick for the day. It also helps that almost everything I own is black, so matching is never an issue.

Prevention & Health

Other than weightlifting, what does your fitness regimen include?

Proper nutrition first and foremost, adequate sleep, regular body work (massage, PT, etc) and of course stretching (romwod) and other recovery type activities. Weightlifting is my full time job, so everything I do needs to benefit that in any way that it can.

Have you had any injuries and how did it/they affect your training?

I have had a few minor injuries here and there, but did not have my first major injury until this year. It was definitely a learning experience and a very tough time and something I still have to manage with various rehab exercises and accessory work.

What is Mattie’s go-to cheat food?

Anything. I love any and all food and don’t live on a super restrictive diet, so I don’t crave “cheats” all the time. Occasionally I’ll eat out rather than cooking though and I always consider that a cheat.

How do you balance work and family?

Time management and prioritizing each day. Being a student, professional athlete, and having time for anything social is difficult; but I have to pick the order of that list and attend to it accordingly. Some days the order can change, others it is set and whatever is last on that list has to come last.