A strong back is both soft and flexible at the same time in order to create the best foundation for all training, especially in weight and power lifting. The right support for your back helps with improving your performance and prevents injuries. Our medically classified back supports provides both stability and pain relief if you are already affected by back-related problems such as lumbago, disc rupture, sciatica or hypermobility.

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  • 6902

    Active Line Back Support

    A soft back support with stabilizing splints.

    £44.95 (per unit)
  • 7730

    Back Support

    Anatomically shaped back support that eases pressure and offers warmth ...

    £49.95 (per unit)
  • 7732

    Back Support X-Stable

    Flexible and stabilizing with removable plastic splints and adjustable straps.

    £69.95 (per unit)
  • 7930

    Basic Back Support

    Basic back support that improves the blood circulation and keeps the muscles warm.

    £29.95 (per unit)
  • 7082

    Blue Line Back support

    Very stable 7mm neoprene back support.

    £54.95 (per unit)
  • 7792

    Power Line Back Support

    High-stability construction especially suitable for power sports.

    £94.95 (per unit)