Ankle Support

We offer several models of medically classed ankle supports and orthoses for your feet. From basic models that gives you lighter support and warmth, to stronger, more stabilising ankle braces. A good ankle support will give your foot stability and mobility at the same time. The right support or orthosis is a great additional assistance to relive pain or chronical instability in your feet.

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  • 6905

    Active Line Ankle Support

    A soft ankle support for stabilization and pain relief.

    £9.95 (per unit)
  • 7772

    Ankle Brace

    A supreme ankle protector for chronic instability.

    £54.95 (per unit)
  • 7761

    Ankle Receptor X-Stable

    Slim design to fit in all types of shoes.

    £34.95 (per unit)
  • 7770

    Ankle Support

    A flexible and anatomically shaped support for increased circulation and reduced ...

    £29.95 (per unit)
  • 7973

    Basic Ankle Support

    Basic and flexible ankle brace that provides warmth and increases the blood flow in ...

    £14.95 (per unit)
  • 7085

    Blue Line Ankle support

    Anatomically shaped, velcro adjustable ankle brace.

    £29.95 (per unit)
  • 7774

    Force Ankle Brace Light

    Lightweight textile support providing high stability and outstanding durability.

    £39.95 (per unit)