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Gear up with Reebok & Rehband

Gear up with Reebok & Rehband

We have teamed up to offer you the ultimate Open gear kit. Stay safe while going after your max – 5 weeks in a row.
Shop a pair (2 pcs) of the bestselling 5 mm Rehband RX Knee Sleeves and get a free pair of Rehband Wrist Sleeves.
Offer valid until Feb 14th!

How to:

1. Add 2 pcs of RX knee sleeves and 2 pcs of wrist sleeves (see products below) to the basket.
2. Go to checkout.
3. Use the code "reebok" in the checkout to claim your gift.


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  • RX Wrist Sleeves

    £14.95 (1 pc.)

    This 5mm wrist sleeve provides support ...

    1 colour