Wrist & Thumb

Wrist support is often used in weightlifting and strength training along with many other activities, where it provide balance and comfort. The support reduces inflammation risk and provide pain relief for the thumb and wrist when needed. Our wrist supports are perfect to use for both training and every day work that requires wrist movement.

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  • 6904

    Active Line Wrist Support

    A light wrist support for stabilization and pain relief.

    £9.95 (per unit)
  • 7910

    Basic Wrist Support

    Basic thermal support designed to improve the blood circulation.

    £14.95 (per unit)
  • 7080

    Blue Line Wrist support

    Blue Line Wrist Support 5mm – for strong support. Open palm for gripping, thick ...

    £29.95 (per unit)
  • 7793

    Power Line Wrist Support

    An open-grip wrist support especially suitable for power sports.

    £29.95 (per unit)
  • 101306-01

    Rx Wrist Support (Pair)

    This 5mm wrist sleeve provides support and warmth to the wrist joints during your ...

    £14.95 (per unit)
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  • 7710

    Wrist Support

    A high-stability and warming support for the wrist and forearm.

    £24.95 (per unit)